Transformed Trigonometric Functions

Two or more trig. function transformations are dealt with using the general equations:   y2 = asin[b(x – c)] + d  ,   acos[b(x – c)] + d ;   atan[b(x – c)] + d   EXAMPLE 1:      ;   a = 2  &  d = 3,   so  M = ;                                                                                                  Also,  m =   .   EXAMPLE[…]


Trigonometric Equations

A trigonometric equation is an equation involving one or more trigonometric functions. Therefore the solution to a trigonometric equation is one or more angles. Most trigonometric equations at the secondary level can be analyzed in terms of simpler components.  So we offer the following comments on the most basic form of trig. equation.             The simple (linear[…]