June 11, 2009


mathadvisoricon6 I am extremely indebted to Dr. David Campbell. David, not only helped my daughter Jacquelyne Khan but he is presently helping my son with math and physics. When my daughter was in high school, she was really struggling with her grade 12 math and physics. She was on the verge of dropping out of school.

However, I was extremely lucky to meet David Campbell. With his considerate and compassionate tutoring style, David was able to reach the inner strings of my daughter’s intellect. My daughter started to understand her math and physics. This understanding of math and physics spilled over to her chemistry and calculus and she started doing well in these two subjects also.

Prior to asking David Campbell for help, my daughter was helped by two other tutors but unfortunately they were not able to bring any change in her understanding of these two subjects. I am proud to say that because of David Campbell’s help my daughter is presently attending the University of Alberta and attempting Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of education degrees. Presently David is helping my daughter with her University statistics and probability courses.

Furthermore, not only has David helped my daughter but he was very instrumental in guiding my son Christopher Khan from grade 10 to his present grade 12. In juxtaposition with my daughter, my son needed more help. He was totally incapable of understanding high school math and physics. However, Mr. David Campbell once again came to our rescue. On many occasions, he has helped my son on a one on one basis and surprisingly my son ended with a 96% average in math 20 pure. Presently he is sitting with a 80% average in math 30 pure and with a 85% in physics. Considering that when my son started high school I had no hope for his success. Now I have high hopes for his future.

All this was made possible by the expertise, compassion, consideration, kindness and generosity of Mr. David Campbell. Not only my kids but I personally am very, very grateful to David for his help. David has got a gift of reaching deep into any kid’s intelligence and drawing out their capabilities. May the Lord bless Dr. David Campbell.

 – Mohammed Khan